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Warning Area 51 Alien Sticker
Warning Area 51 Alien Sticker
Sad Alien Poster
Sad Alien Poster

The team of UFO Gifts are a group of passional believers.  We love anything to do with Aliens 👽 , Flying Saucers 🛸 and are patiently waiting for the day when disclusore finally happens.

One of the largest problems with UFO believers is they are often looked at as being "crazy", "delusional" or our personal favourite "tin hat wearers".

Every year we spend countless hours looking for gifts for friends and family who have shown an interest in ufology only to realise that products are scattered across multiple sites, difficult to find and often low quality "money grabbers".

We have taken great pride in collecting a number of different products and placing them one by one with unique researched descriptions helping you find the perfect UFO gifts quickly and easily.

Our site is new (launched November 2020), but with a team of designers, product researchers and a pure passion for Alien & UFO memorabilia - we want to make a hub for you to find that perfect gift for your friends and family.

What is my bag?

This is your personal shopping basket.  It will allow you to add your favourite UFO gifts to your list, then share that link with your friends and family to purchase the ufo items of your choice.

I sell UFO products, can you list them on your site?

The simple answer is Yes!  We would love to help promote your products on our website.  UFO gifts are often hidden away by search engines through fear of uncovering something that can't be explained - we will help you.  To get started, please contact us via our contact form providing as much detail as possible, and one of our team will reach out to you. 

How do you make money?

A lot of the products on our website will be available to purchase from other websites, these sites will provide us with a small commission (similar to insurance quote websites) if you decide to purchase.  No personal details are ever passed back to us.